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I wrote the tune "Skirmish" in 1993 when White Rose morris men took on board Skirmish from Kemp's Men but decided to dance it in the style of Oddington. At the time people were using British Grenadiers as the tune - and - while I have no issues with that tune - I thought it should have its own.

From White Rose, Dogrose inherited it and used it for their performance on 'Later with Jools Holland'. Bryony Griffith taught the tune to Eliza Carthy, and their version has become the one that most people play.

White Rose still dance Skirmish - now in the style of Fieldtown - to my original tune.

I have been fascinated to watch and hear how the tune has changed, and how it sounds in the hands of other musicians, most of whom are far better than me!

Below is a gathering-together of some of the recorded versions.


1.  My original notation for the tune:

2. Dogrose Morris with Bryony Griffith and Eliza Carthy


Read Ross McKinley's story of the making of this programme. (Morris Federation Newsletter, Summer 2003) 

3. White Rose with Nick Barber

2012 - The Works, Sowerby Bridge

2010 - Greenhead College, Huddersfield

4. Rosie Butler-Hall and Danny Pedlar

Rosie & Danny at Green Note 8th February 2016 . The tunes are "The Morning Light" (Danny Pedler) & "Skirmish" (Nick Barber)

5. Session version - Sheffield Sessions 2016

6. Albion Band - Vice of the People

7. Frog on a Bicycle

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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8. Jack Rutter - Underneath the Stars Festival, July 2018

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